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Design Can be more representative of the world it serves. Design Can be an industry for people of all backgrounds, abilities, ages and identities. Design Can be stronger with the talent that has been ignored for too long. Design Can disrupt the status quo, celebrate new voices and tell untold stories. Design Can represent us all.

An industry that fails to reflect the people it serves will quickly become irrelevant. How can we meet the needs of users with a blinkered perspective? How can we inspire the next generation of designers without role models to represent them? How can design continue to be a source of world-changing ideas?

We’re calling on designers, curators, editors, writers, filmmakers, event organisers – everyone who influences the design industry – to be allies. It’s time for the design community to confront its prejudices and eliminate discrimination.

We are challenging you to champion underrepresented talent, commission outside the same old networks and hire for fresh perspectives. At times, you may need to stand aside.

Most of all, we want you to listen to those who have been overlooked.

Equality is worth fighting for.

Are you using your power?

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