Are you re-thinking how you work or gearing up to launch your next project?

With a passionate commitment to inclusion across racial justice, gender equity, disability rights, ageism, class background and beyond, alongside deep insights into the industry at large, Design Can can be your trusted partner to do excellent work.

With over a decade of experience across the design industry, we bring a wide network of cutting-edge creatives, inspiring founders and institutional leaders to our projects. We know how to connect you with the right people. And we understand how to connect your values with contemporary conversations.

We can:

  • Recommend creatives for your commissions, roles and panels
  • Curate engaging events
  • Help creative businesses to be truly inclusive
  • Provide mentorship and guidance for your colleagues or community

Do send us a brief for the project you’d like some support with and we can send back a quote for the work. Our email address is and we welcome your enquiries.