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How to become a creative changemaker and help push the industry forward

We recently were featured on Creative Boom's article on How to become a creative changemaker and help push the industry forward.

It is a huge honour to be listed as one of the resources to 'Keep on learning'. This has been our mission since day one: to encourage people to keep learning, keep questioning, keep challenging the status quo in the design industry and beyond. Thus, we are thrilled to be among their recommendations along with s Fuse MCR, Intern and What is your working class? podcast.

You can read the full article here.

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Jobs Board launch

Today, we announce a major new addition to the role Design Can plays in championing inclusivity in the creative industry: our Jobs Board.

Having launched three years ago, it’s as clear to us now as then that recruitment remains one of the main challenges companies and organisations face in being truly inclusive. We are launching our Jobs Board to connect the Design Can community with employers who take inclusivity seriously.

We want our talented community to find jobs, and believe the exclusionary culture of hiring in the creative industry needs to be opened up, broken apart and built anew. Employers will pay for access which will make this a sustainable platform.

If you’d like to help, the best thing to do right now is to spread the word. Let’s spread the word, and change the conversation around hiring and inclusivity together.

Visit our Jobs Board.

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‘What’s Changed?’ Survey Findings

There’s a lot of conversations about changing the industry. But how much has actually changed?

When we announced our Survey Campaign, this wasis the question we posed to a broad range of creatives – from junior designers to business owners and institutional leaders, across age ranges, gender identities, racial background and disability. The goal was to get a comprehensive picture of their perspective on action around inclusivity, and to use this to identify a clear plan of action.

Our report, developed with the support of a data scientist, demonstrates how perceptions of inclusivity and action have a huge impact on how creatives engage with institutions and business, and influences the decisions they make. The headline findings are stark, and point towards a serious crisis of leadership within the industry – but there’s also positive signs which should galvanise further action.

You can read the report’s findings here.

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Meet Nieves Noha & Zara Shasore; the team behind the What’s Changed? survey

We love to champion the people behind our projects. For our ‘What’s Changed?’ survey campaign, Design Can’s first major research project, we compiled a huge range of data to develop a comprehensive picture of how people felt about how much the industry had changed in recent years.

Two people were essential in helping us crunch the numbers, and to tell that story visually.

First up there was data scientist Nieves Noha from Futuros Deseables, an experienced foresight analyst and strategic consultant who Forbes has touted her as one of the top 40 futurists in Spain – for the second year in a row. Together, we combed over the answers and insights from over 200 respondents to produce the hard-hitting stats in our report.

Secondly, there was Zara Shasore, the brilliant graphic designer helped us transformed the data into insightful – and impactful – graphics using our new brand identity. Having graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Leeds university in 2018, Shasore has worked on a broad range of projects since in freelance and full-time roles. Having her on our team was an absolute dream.

Check out her work on Instagram, Behance and The Dots. We’ll definitely be working with her again

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Our new Patrons: Kickstarter, Pearson Lloyd, Zetteler and Royal Designers for Industry

In the three years since Design Can launched, working closely with our voluntary steering committee, we have grown in size and scope – and today we announce the next big step in our journey.

As a limited company with a charitable purpose, we’ve achieved a lot on a small budget. Last year, we welcomed the addition of our first paid employee, a part-time project manager who joined in June 2021. When we announced our Patron Scheme to the world, it was in the hope that we would find the resources to continue and expand our activities.

Today, we are beyond delighted to announce our first patrons: Kickstarter, Pearson Lloyd, Zetteler and Royal Designers for Industry.
Our steering committee believed it should be possible for the industry itself to fund inclusion efforts, rather than seek public funding. We are continuing to welcome new patrons – please reach out to us if you are looking for ways to help.

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Social Space at V&A, March 2022

On Friday 12 March 2021, we returned to the V&A Museum for another Speed Mentoring session.

The V&A Social Space was an afternoon of free activities, workshops, food, and music. From a print-making workshop with Sadie St. Hilaire of Rabbits Road Press, to music with Misery Party, it’s a free and open celebration of youth and creativity.

Design Can was in attendance with our second Speed Mentoring event, a relaxed session where we connect leading industry voices with young people interested in a creative career. By bringing them together, we hope to inform and inspire the next generation – especially those who without the ‘connections’ to get their foot in the door.

Our wonderful mentors included:

  • Francesca Perry, architect and co-founder of Resolve Collective,
  • Reuben Christian, edu-trainer and coach
  • Samar Maakaroun, graphic designer
  • Sophie Sellu, woodworker
  • Pereen d’Avoine, architect
  • Raafaye Ali, illustrator
  • Ansel Neckles, educator and graphic designer
  • Parvinder Marwaha, architecture, design and fashion programme manager at the British Council

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Design Can 2021 Annual Report

2021 was a busy, strange and rewarding year for Design Can. More so than anyone could have predicted.

But during this challenging time, we’ve witnessed a dramatic shift in how Design Can works. We’re continuing to evolve from being a behind-the-scenes platform that posts information and shares ideas, into what we initially envisaged: a platform and campaign that not only discusses and advises, but also connects and empowers people to come together to effect change.

From sharing the results of our ‘What’s Changed?’ campaign, to hosting a youth-focused event in partnership with the V&A during the London Design Festival, and launching a monthly newsletter guest-edited by 7 industry leaders, none of this would have been possible without taking on our first employed member of staff: Bisila Noha.

You can read our full annual report here.

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Speed Mentoring at V&A, September 2021

We love bringing people together. It can be easy to shrug off ‘networking’ as all about cynically climbing the career ladder – but as so many jobs and opportunities in the creative industry come through informal webs of friends of friends, college mates and so on, it matters who gets invited into the conversation. That’s why we collaborated with the V&A Youth Collective to hold a mentoring and networking event for young people aged 18-24.

On Sunday 19 September, during the London Design Festival 2021, we wanted to connect inspiring creatives with young people interested in pursuing a creative career at a time when the industry comes together. The event focused on sharing experiences, insights and advice to empower the next generation.

Events like this make a small but tangible step towards the change we want to see. Shout-out to the wonderful mentors who joined us:

  • Benni Allan, architect
  • Samar Makaaroun, graphic designer
  • Mac Collins, furniture designer
  • Joseph Henry, architect and civil servant,
  • Wei Prior, graphic designer
  • Simone Brewster, furniture and jewellery designer
  • Shawn Adams, architect, writer and co-founder of POor Collective,
  • Priya Khanchandani, head of curatorial at Design Museum
  • Akil Scafe-Smith, architect and co-founder of Resolve Collective

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